It’s hard to believe that 75% of all Cardiac Arrests that have happened, took place in someone’s home. The chances of that person with sudden cardiac arrest will be a loved family or friend and in that moment, we will want to do all that we can for them.

Every second counts when trying to help a suffering cardiac arrest victim. The longer they go without help, the greater their chances increase of becoming brain dead because the heart is just unable to supply blood to the brain. Of these victims, 95% of them will die on their way to the hospital. The numbers are staggering and the results are devastating knowing that if someone was available to help sooner, a life could have been saved. Less than 32% of cardiac arrest victims were blessed with a bystander who had the training to help them.

The decision to take CPR Training courses is one that should not be hesitated on. You will have the skills needed to save a someone’s life when they need it the most – and the person who will need it most will be someone you already love.

However, some might argue that in the heat of the moment, you’ll freeze. You’ll stutter. You’ll forget all that you learned. But what is important to remember when attempting to perform CPR is that a poor reaction is better than no reaction at all. In the heat of the moment, it will be better for both of you knowing that you tried and more than likely, you’ll save their life.